Groups and Products presentations – Advanced crowdfunding

Join us in order to found our first common production company “4 ALL” together!

We plan to produce and sell our innovations and products worldwide and share our profits with our members.

We have several ideas and inventions and would like to begin with the production of two of them.


Take part in our  start up so that our first two products can be manufactured:



A – Novel, non-smoking, energy-saving multi-functional electric grills and Wood-coal vertical grills




  • With the environmentally friendly, non-smoke multi-functional grill, you can save a lot of energy and money and also give your family healthy food


 B –Paint Splash&Drip Protectors

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  •  with this simple device you can paint better, cleaner and faster than a pro painter. You will love painting!


Become a member of our group in order to get a part of our profit from marketing of our both products  for at least 4 year by investing  180,-€ or making a donation.

you receive:

1- a part of the profit from the marketing of our two products for four years

2- You receive our support for your own startup. (with profit sharing!)

3- You receive your money back


Coming soon

Our future products:
  • Free energy generators
  • Hair cutting machine
  • Bicycle with new drive
  • Violin learning aid device





Terms & Conditions

1- We begin production after collecting at least 2000 members (60 € donations)

2- We then need the time to develop our company “4ALL” and to present our products on the market (at least 6 months!).

We ask for your patience!