Groups and Products presentations – Advanced crowdfunding

Join us in order to found our first common production company “4 ALL” together!

We plan to produce and sell our innovations and products worldwide and share our profits with our members.

We have several ideas and inventions and would like to begin with the production of two of them!

A – Novel, non-smoking, energy-saving multi-functional electric grills and Wood-coal vertical grills




  • With the environmentally friendly, non-smoke multi-functional grill, you can save a lot of energy and money and also give your family healthy food


 B – Anti drip and splash cover for paint rollers

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  •  with this simple device you can paint better, cleaner and faster than a pro painter. You will love painting!


Become a member of our group in order to get a part of our profit from marketing of our both products  for at least 5 years by investing  199,-€ .

you receive:

1- A electro-multifunctional grill

Provided that our project is successfully financed and our future company is entering profit phase, you will also receive:

2- A share of the profit from marketing all of the products of our future company, the profit sharing lasting for at least 4 years up to 20 years!

3- your money back

4- You will be participating in our all projects of Little Business Angels!


Secure your place  in our boundless Society and become a Little Business Angel by making a donation or by buying a multifunctional grill for 199 € Inc. VAT and shipping.


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 Please note:

 We need time at least 2 monts to start our project and to begin with  producing our products!



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