Let us form a community, that functions as a borderless pseudo-socialist society with annual income for each member!

A community of “Founders and Creators“ of a variety of new products and business ideas, including profit sharing.

As a unique community  we can :

1- invest in innovations in order to make profit together. With time we can be owners of several companies for a short or a long term!

2- offer creative members the opportunity to realize their ideas.

3- help poor families get an income opportunity.

4- participate in charitable projects worldwide.

By buying a product and investing a little money or making a donation everybody can be a member of our society and to receive a part of our profit for a short or a long time, or get free products.

With this concept everybody with a small purse and a little budget and without technical knowledge can make ideas become real!

Business Angels are rich people, who become richer by investing in startup projects.  Let us do the same as a group!

Therefore we need to found our first common manufacturing company!

Help us to establish our unique community only by making a little donation or particape in our startup by buying one of our products.


Participate in our  startup group in order to found our common manufacturing company 4ALL, so that many innovations can be produced.
Become a member of our Group for a short or a long term by investing a small amount.
As a Member and a co-founder you will receive:
1- A part of our profit from marketing our products for many years (depending on how many Little Angels take part in our startup)!
2- Support for your own start-up and business ideas  (with profit sharing)!
3- The possibility to participate in a business project of another member of your choice, also to participate in the profit of that product in order to earn more money or to get free products!


We can change the world, if we work together