Candy & Toys Grabber

 Become a Little Business Angel and participate in our startup by joining in our Club,  make  children happy with free toys!

“Claw Machine” is an amazing game with real free toys and gifts!


 How works:



Last Stage: Keep it or exchange?


In this stage of the “game” you might get a free 700 € AT pro Garrett metal detector!


Download our free app (“Claw Machine”, “Candy & Toys Grabber” or “Free Surprise Boxes”) on your mobile phone.

1- First stage of the game:  Try to pull a box out of the “Claw Machine”, where a great item (used or new) such as a car, mobile phone, computer, TV, game console etc. can be hidden.

2-Second stage: Open your box or exchange it for another. But be careful, the box can be empty !

3-Third Stage: If you get  a box with a gift inside, then send the box code via email to us and wait for the raffle. You’ll get a message soon!

4-Fourth Stage: With a little luck, you will be the owner of the gift.

5-Last Stage of the game: You can keep your gift or exchange it for another box.

But be careful, the box can be empty!

Either you get a more valuable gift or you can lose everything!

 Install our APP and start playing today!

Terms & Conditions

Please note: our game is in the start and test phase! That means,

  • The raffle will be taking place only when there is a sufficient number of downloads! You should have a little patience!
  • The goods and gifts in Claw Machine are free!
  • You should remain patient until we have gained enough experience with the game!
  • Depending on how much is played, you will receive money for your item.


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Please note. Our game club is not a casino where gambling is operated! The gifts are as a thank you for your donation and your support for our startup!

Thank you for your support!

Send your Box-Code and wait for raffle please!