Terms & Conditions

This page is under construction. It applies German regulations and laws!

Terms of use:

1- We are strictly against any kind of exploitation and exploitation of children!
2- We are strictly against the production and marketing of weapons and war machinery!
3- We are struggling against the marketing of drugs.
4- We are against abuse of animals  and against all exploitation  of nature.
Do not join us if you work in this areas!

-You accept our terms and conditions by signing up as a user on our site with your name and your email.
-You allow us to contact you via your email.
-You should note that the establishment of a company needs time. We begin with  the production, as soon as we have a sufficient number of supporters.


We expressly dissociate ourselves from many third-party suppliers who are linked to our site. They are themselves responsible for their services and offers.

We secure your data, we do not give it to third parties! However, we can not guarantee 100% security! You should be aware that we are at our start-up phase and we want to make us known in the world!