The raffle will be taking place and the gift owners of the last game round will be announced when there is a sufficient number of downloads. We ask for your patience!

For everybody: 

At this first stage of the game you might get one of our gifts below!


The owner of a CELESTRON TELESCOPE is: ………… ??? |     


        The owner of an acoustic guitar is: |…………| ??? 

The owner of a WII play console is: |…………| ???



For members : 

At this stage of the game  you might get our  AT pro GARRETT metal detector (about 700 €!)

   The owner of a AT pro GARRETT metal detector is: |………… |???

Become a Club Member now!

Become a Club Member
Become a Club Member
Become a member and help us to create our unique community. As member you might through the machine rceive: 1- More valuable gifts. 2-You can rent our claw machine (2 € for one item) to set your items into the "machine" to oppen your "Game Round". Depending how many people participate in your game round, you might receive a lot of money for that. 3-A piece of our rofit for one year.