My name is Nader  M.Tabrizi – As a developer of this network and several innovative products, I invite you to join me in the creation of this unique community. 

I have for example developed a smokeless multifunctional grill and an anti color-drip cover and some other inventions that haven’t been patented yet. I intend not only to sell my innovations, but also to do something good!

So that the realization of good ideas  doesn’t only remain a dream for so many people! 80 percent of the profit of our future company go to the members of the Little Business Angels Network and into the realization of their ideas!

Support me in creating this unique community and you will be a member of our network forever!

I have several ideas and inventions and would like to begin with the production of two of them!

When you purchase one of our multifunctional grills you are “Little Business Angel” and you are simultaneously  investing into our all future products of Little Business Angels Group! This means,  you will get more and more profit over time!