Smokless Multifunction Grilll

Smokeless-Multifunctional grill

Up to 15 years profit sharing!

– By buying a multifunctional grill for 169€, you have participated in our all projects as well without further investing!

you receive:

  • A non-smoking multifunctional electric grill (deliver up to 3 months)
    Provided that our project is successfully financed and as soon as our future company is entering the profit phase, you will also receive:
  1. A share of the profit from marketing all of products and inventions of Little Business Angels Group without further investment, the profit sharing lasting for at least 5 years!
  2. your money back. This means, that you will get a smoke-free multi-function grill for free!
  3. Support for your own startup and business ideas  (with profit sharing)

The “solution” for barbecue lovers! No smoke no “trouble” with the neighbors!

A device that must not be missing in any household and in any gastronomy. You will never want to cook again with a conventional stove!

With the smoke-free multifunction grill, you will be able to prepare smokeless and healthy everything, everywhere and every time.

Smoke-free and healthy preparation of meat skewers Adanakebabi up to the baking of pizza and cake in the own kitchen and/or in the catering enterprise. Simultaneous cooking of two dishes is possible. You save energy and money with the new innovation. A suitable device for every snack bar!

Become a member of Little Business Angels Network now

Let us we – as a community – establish a “Business Angel”!

Let us create a community of “Founders and Creators“ of a variety of new products and business ideas, including profit sharing.

A group of people with a little budget and a small purse would be able to realize a big project!!

Our Goals:

1- Realization of our ideas and manufacturing of our own innovations and products, giving our creative members the opportunity to realize their ideas.

2- Marketing our products and sharing a part of the profit with our members who need help  (for a long or a short term).

3-Help and support poor families with children all over the world.

4-Foundation of a free online school and university for everybody.

Little Business Angels Network will be a vibrant community of people working together and helping each other to bring wonderful things to life!
In order to found our first common manufacturing company participate in our startup and become a member of the Little Business Angels Group by purchasing one of our grills or by buying a product from Amazon or other shops.

We get a little provision from your purchasing, which help us to found our manufacturing company!

⇒ Join us if you:

  • are looking for investors to realize your ideas or to start a business.
  • would like to help people and make benefit at the same time.

Thank you for your purchase and supporting us!

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