Our goals:

  1. Creating a vibrant community of people working together and helping each other to bring wonderful things to life! A community of “Founders and Creators“ to create a variety of new products and business ideas, including profit sharing
  2. Funding a company to produce our innovations and products, giving our creative members and poor families the opportunity to establish income for them.

By buying a product from Amazon or other retailers through our affiliate-shop, you will not only save money but also participate in our startup at the same time without spending money! 

  • The purchase amount of a product by buying directly or indirectly on Amazon or through our shop stays the same! But by us, you will get more benefit!  We get 7% provision for your purchase from Amazon or other retailers. With this money, we will be able to fund our startup!
  • Provided that the minimum monthly number of buyers is reached you get with a little bit of luck your purchase amount by our yearly Christmas raffle back! Make sore, that you buy the same item you choose!
  • We get 7% provision for your purchase from Amazon or other retailers. With this money, we will be able to fund our startup!

8 years profit sharing!

– By buying a multifunctional grill (delivered up to 3 months) for 299€, you have participated in our all projects as well without further investing!

  • Provided that our project is successfully financed and as soon as our future company is entering the profit phase, you will also receive:
  1. A share of the profit from marketing all of products and inventions of Little Business Angels Group without further investment, the profit sharing lasting for at least 8 years!
  2. Free 230V Power electricity generator construction plan including materials for free! Create your own electricity with my Magnet-Electricity-Generator.
  3. money back. This means, that you will get a smoke-free multi-function grill for free!
  4. Support for your own startup and business ideas  (with profit sharing)

⇒ Join us if you:

  • are looking for investors to realize your ideas or to start a business.
  • would like to help people and make benefit at the same time.

Thank you for your purchasing and supporting us!

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