Take me out of country

With online shops you can achieve a lot of profit. Amazon, Alibaba and eBay are examples.
How about you buy or sell your products on an online store whose profits are used in the startup of the members and in the charitable causes?
We at littlebusinessangels.com will not put all of our profits in our own pocket, but we will use most of them to create a “business angel” (an investor) as a society that exists forever as an “aid organization” and whose wealth is used to fight poverty and invest in the business ideas of its members.
With this concept, we intend to create a better capitalism so that the wealth is distributed as fairly as possible!

It’s time to change the world!

Our concept is an example of a “win-win situation” that allows you to make something good for the world through trading without having to spend a penny!
– As a buyer, you can not only save money by buying your products, but also help people with your purchase, without having to spend money.
Maybe you will eventually be among those who get help from our “Business Angel” to realize your own ideas!
-As a buyer, you will not only get more customers through our network, but also you are helping people as well. You will become a good “capitalis

. All of those, thanks to Listing!

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